Secret Burlesque Society Pop-Up Cabaret

The Curious Pop-up Cabaret

The Make Something Edmonton project that ONE PERSON didn't want you to see!

Come see our curious cabaret and be delighted by the sensational, the curious and the scintillating!  Will you see performers, musicians, burlesque dancers sharing political satire and social commentaries? The only way to know is to come to this Mysterious Pop-Up Spectacular! ONE DAY ONLY! Sunday, June 21st

Where: Shhhh! Locations are supposed to be secret, but you can gather a week of clues by following us on Instagram @secretburlesquesociety or Facebook

Time: 30 minute shows at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm & 10pm / Cost: FREE

* Mature adult content: be advised!

SBS Cast & Crew: Flora Pistol, Mitzi Mayhem, Violette Coquette, Dame Pérignon, Chyna Boom & Julian Faid. 

Guest performers include LeTabby Lexington, Mademoiselle Amoureuse, Douglas Dollars, Duckie the Clown and Goldie Cartier!

A Make Something Edmonton and the City of Edmonton’s CityLab Placemaking Project.